2016.12.11 – A Walk in the Gardens

After being social for most of the day yesterday – I decided to sleep and and be anti-social for the day. This generally means I grab the macro lens and go walking around various gardens. I stayed close to home and just went to Golden Gate Park, where the magnolias are starting to come into bloom. Enjoy!

2016.10.22 – Too many people, not enough flowers.

The last few days I have been in a funk, and I am going to change that today. When I sat down and looked at my workstation, I realized that most of my photographic endeavors have been for events, groups, and other people. I haven’t done much for myself. In fact, when I look in Lightroom, I have a lot of my own personal stuff on the back burner.

I am going to set a goal for myself to just put up a nature/landscape/city picture once a day. I keep on challenging myself to do this, but I never seem to follow through. This time I am going to get one of my friends to provide me some consequences if I fail to post up a flower porn pic a day. So let’s start off with this today.

2016.09.15 – Hummingbirds in the Gardens

Today was a day off of work for me. Whenever we release a major version of our software, our team gets a day off. I decided to take the day and get my head into a better space. I achieved this between cleaning up my home office and shooting some flower porn. But today, the Hummingbirds were all out in force.

Hummingbird at the SF Botanical Garden