2024.05.11 – Birds!

Been a while since I have wanted to upload some of my photos to my website. Went out for a walk with the super-telephoto and went hunting for birds. Got a lot of cuties here.

2020.05.20 – Another walk in the park

As the weather gets nicer during the shelter in place, I am finding myself grabbing the camera when I head out for an evening walk. I really want to just spend a full day in a garden shooting, but the SF Botanical Gardens are still closed. At least the rest of the park is in bloom right now and providing some pretty flower porn. Enjoy.

2020.05.13 – Walking around the park

It has been a while since I have posted anything to my sites. Life has been busy and I haven’t been out taking many pictures. To escape staring a screen all day I decided to take a walk to and from the Rose Garden in Golden Gate Park. Ironically, I stared into the OLED EVF of the a7iii instead. But the good news is I still have my flower porn skills intact. Enjoy.

2018.07.04 – Independence Day Fireworks

This meme image from SFGate tells it all. Taking Independence Day Fireworks is always a risk in SF. Most years it is just fogged out and is often not worth the effort of getting somewhere you can see them and then dealing with the traffic home. But somehow this year Karl the Fog took the night off and gave us some great skies for fireworks. Enjoy!

2017.03.14 – At least I can still shoot.

I haven’t been posting much to my safe work site for a while. Partly because I haven’t been out and about taking much personal pictures. But last week I fractured my collarbone and have been depressed. This evening, I decided to go take a walk by the ocean with the RX100 to see if I could successfully shoot with it while I recover. Looks like the answer is yes. Here is tonight’s sunset.

2016.12.31 – New Year Eve Fireworks

Happy New Year everyone. Because it seemed that everyone was hella drunk this year, I decided not to trek up all of the way to up Twin Peaks and stayed lower this year. In the end, the Transbay Tower construction added a bit of an interesting effect to the fireworks shots this years.

Also don’t forget to take a look at NYE sunset pictures I took – they are here.