2017.08.12 – Road Trip to Lassen

On Friday, I decided that I needed to escape for the weekend and get away from the city and reality. So I decided to head up north to Lassen. Here are the pictures from my weekend long road trip.

2017.06.28 – Road Trip Day 1 Pictures

I am just getting around to processing the photos from my road trip down the coast to and then to the desert I took last weekend. These photos are from Lockwood and Morro Bay.

2017.04.15 – Guerneville

The last few months of my life have been busy and I have been trying to change that. Today, I had a craving for a biscuit from Big Bottom Market, so I headed up to Guerneville to get one. Afterwords I wondered around town and took a lot of pictures at the bridge. Here they are: